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Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork



You are subjected to stress everyday, whether it is deadlines at work, emotional baggage, or financial troubles. The fact is, stress manifests itself in your muscles where it is stored as a memory in the form of toxins and causes pain or tenderness until it is released through massage or other bodywork therapy. If these toxins are not released, they can become dis-ease or other illnesses and may never completely go away, resulting in chronic pain.

Massage and other forms of bodywork therapy can help release the toxins and assist in the natural healing process. Additionally, this will assist in the removal of aches, pains and stress, leaving you relaxed and energized.

Other benefits of massage may include:

Purp_triImproved circulation
Purp_triIncreased flexibility
Purp_triStress reduction
Purp_triReduced fatigue
Purp_triIncreased energy
Purp_triToxin release
Purp_triMany, many more!!


Your massage therapist will have you fill out a client information form so that they can learn about any conditions you might have that need attention or should be avoided.

Your therapist will then ask you to disrobe and position yourself on the massage table (they will leave the room for this).

Throughout your massage, ONLY the area which is being massaged will be exposed. The rest of your body will be covered with a sheet and a blanket.


Depending on areas that need attention, the general areas of massage include your back, legs, feet, arms, neck and shoulders. Optional areas are your face, scalp, stomach and buttocks.

Once your massage begins, you will feel a series of slow, gentle strokes. Gradually deeper strokes that assist in the release of toxins will be used. This pressure should never cause pain.

Your massage therapist will probably use a massage oil or lotion that is hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. However, scented essential oils with aromatherapy healing properties can be added and used in the massage oil. If you have a favorite oil you would like your therapist to use, feel free to bring it.



Make sure you feel comfortable and at ease on the table. You will have to do very little physical movement. If you would like your therapist to perform stretches, resisting (pressing or extending) your muscles may be necessary.

Once comfortable, just listen to the music, close your eyes and relax. Let the music guide you away from the everyday worries, and for once, let someone else do the work!


cc_pink1 BREATHE. Deep breathing helps to relax your body and mind.

cc_pink1 VISUALIZE. Imagine pictures in your mind of the pain being removed.

cc_pink1 LET GO. Let the therapist do the work. If you help by turning your
head or lifting your limbs, this is "hanging on".

cc_pink1 STOP THINKING, START BEING. Focus on the sensations you are
experimenting and think of nothing else.

cc_pink1 NO PAIN,NO GAIN, NO WAY! You should not experience pain AT
ALL. You WILL experience firm, deep pressure.

cc_pink1 LISTEN TO YOUR EMOTIONS. Memories and feelings are stored in
your muscles, during the massage they are released. Relax and let all
the emotions pour out.

cc_pink1 HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY! You may feel the need to laugh for no
reason. This is natural, live the moment.

cc_pink1 YOU ARE THE BOSS! If you are uncomfortable in any way; the
music, temperature, pressure; make it known. You are the boss!

cc_pink1 BE GRATEFUL! Be grateful that you are able to experience the
massage and share your feelings with your therapist.

cc_pink1 BE KIND TO YOURSELF. For the rest of the day, relax and be good
to yourself. Don't let the stress back in!

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